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I teach happiness so I can transform burned out workers into engaged and resilient employees who increase profits and have happier lives.

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Disengaged and burned out employees, talent retention and lack of resilient leadership are challenging organizations and affecting bottom lines more than ever before. It is not enough today to focus on just work engagement.  Forward thinking companies need to be conducting trainings on emotional wellness, resilience  and helping workers thrive in life. Rob's keynotes and workshop 

"A Happier you NOW!"

 are designed to create those results. Increase engagement, revitalize burned out workers, build resilience, increase productivity, retain top talent and see bottom line results.

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About Rob

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Rob Dubin has studied and mastered

 the science of human happiness and the key traits of resilience.

Rob Dubin is an international keynote speaker and Amazon #1 Best Selling author on happiness and employee engagement.  His TEDx talk on Happiness has been viewed over 250K times. 
Rob was an award winning filmmaker who traveled the world making TV programs and commercials for Fortune 500 companies.  He is also a serial entrepreneur who created multiple 7 figure businesses.  After a near death survival experience that would have sidelined most, Rob bounced back more resilient
 than ever.  At the age of 42 he and his wife sold their home, moved onto a 40’ sailboat, and spent the next 17 years sailing around the world studying human happiness and fulfillment. Given the ever changing nature of life at sea Rob learned first hand the key traits of resilience.  

Today Rob gives back by teaching courses in resilient leadership and employee happiness which increase engagement and reduc
e burnout. 


Rob combines lessons learned while sailing around the world with the  science of human happiness to deliver sound strategies audience members can implement immediately to better relate to their teams and become happier people themselves.

He has been married to Dee, his business and life partner for 41 years.  When not motivating others Rob spends his time skiing, mountain biking, kayaking and flying his gyroplane near his home in the Rocky Mountains.

Whether speaking on stage with Tony Robbins to an audience of thousands or conducting an intimate  executive training Rob connects with audiences. Your audience is sure to find inspiration and transformation in his unique programs.

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Talk Topics

Solutions for talent retention and employee engagement.

Employee engagement in some sectors is at an all time low and resignations at an all time high.  Traditional HR solutions of compensation and benefits are failing miserably to turn things around. Keeping people happy is paramount yet most of us don’t understand the real sources of our own happiness or any one else’s. Rob's keynote speeches and workshops focused on the science of human happiness will help you understand what really works to increase engagement and reduce resignations and how happy employees increase profitability. The presentation is both informational and motivational as Rob interweaves stories and lessons from sailing with both billionaires and barefoot villagers with actionable strategies so the audience leaves with skills to increase their own happiness and help others find happier lives as well. 

Keynotes and workshops on Executive Resilience.

Rob and his wife were  once lost in a winter blizzard for 5 days and given up for dead. Their improbable story of survival was international news and prompted a call from the President of the United States.  The lessons from that experience and Rob's later years crossing oceans in a small sailboat give Rob's audiences far more than an academic understanding of resilience.  Overcoming adversity in life or business requires specific training and few are more qualified than Rob to pass on that knowledge.  

It seems every executive training today emphasizes resilience.  Unfortunately using the buzz word or an academic description of resilience bears little resemblance to the personal turmoil that accompanies situations requiring resilience.  If you want to actually develop this skill, not just give it lip service,  it requires learning it from  someone who has truly demonstrated resilience time after time after time. 

Keynotes for Leaders Dealing with Disengaged workers.

Key Takeaways
Understanding the real reason employees are leaving, why traditional HR measures are failing and what does work to increase engagement and reduce resignations.

Learn why happiness training improves everything from bad bosses to toxic corporate culture.

Statistics showing how Happiness is Profitable.

Actionable strategies to make the audience members happier starting today.

Full Day workshop with monthly follow-up
Rob's signature program- A Happier You NOW! 

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This full day workshop with monthly followup delivers results that organizations are looking for.  Participants learn the sources of deep and long lasting happiness and how to create that for themselves and those around them.  A detailed 9-point framework helps each individual gain insight into what will work best for them and then implement those specific strategies. Each person leaves with a compelling list of their own career and personal goals, a set of neuro-linguistic programming techniques to motivate them to achieve their goals and strategies to break through any fear standing between them and their goals.  Managers and teams get invested in each others goals and dreams which builds trust and teamwork.  The result is happier people who think differently and see the world differently.  The outcome is more engagement, greater profitability, reduced resignations and your employees becoming your most passionate recruiters. 

Organizations invest heavily on employee happiness.
All those investments are multiplied 10X by simply teaching your employees
how to be better at being happy. 

You’ve made it- Now what?
Balancing business success with personal fulfillment.
Private Coaching

As a filmmaker Rob worked with top executives from numerous Fortune 500 companies as well as successful entrepreneurs in many industries. His involvement filming the America’s Cup and other high end yacht races put Rob side by side with the millionaires and billionaires who pursue those pastimes.

Many had reached pinnacles of business success and were wondering what was next. Rob’s own journey included business struggles, then early retirement and eventually starting a scholarship program that has so far sent 29 kids though college. That journey and the insights that presented themselves while sailing around the world have given Rob shareable strategies to guide others to personal fulfillment equal to their business success.

Employee Happiness

"The experience of our lives is not what happens to us, but how we think about what happens to us. And happy people think differently."

Rob Dubin

Speaking Venues

Harvard University
Tony Robbins Mastery University
Tony Robbins Leadership Coaching
SHRM Conferences in Phoenix, Austin,
Houston, Atlanta, Albuquerque, Tacoma.
Rocky Mountain Information Security Conference
Iowa Employment Conference
National Management Training Week
DisruptHR Reno- DisruptHR Wichita- DisruptHR Colorado Springs
Art Institute of Colorado
ARDA- American Resort Development Association
Interval International
RCI- a division of Wyndahm 

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Keith Bakr

I had the pleasure of working with Rob Dubin on a presentation. Rob has an engaging personality and is a great public speaker. He is passionate about the topics he speaks about, and really connected with the audience. I walked away feeling inspired, and if comments after the show were any indication, so did most of the attendees. Throughout the planning process, Rob was very easy to work with, and had many good ideas about how to run the event. Along the way, he was conscious of promoting my business and connecting the audience to the sponsors and message of the event. I hope to work with Rob on future events!

Nate Porter

Salida Mountain Sports

We've asked Rob to help us with our film festivals and events year after year because he is a pleasure to work with. The way he speaks about his career experiences and time spent traveling the world inspires audiences, and he always adds something unique whether it’s drawing upon his vast network, or his understanding of events and audiences.


Dominique Naccarato

Executive Director

Greater Arkansas River Nature Association (GARNA)

We were fortunate enough to host Rob Dubin as a speaker at our venue and his engaging talk captured the attention of everyone in the room from start to finish.  He connected with the audience in a way that gave great insights on life with humility and humor.  His stories were inspiring and grounded in simple truths that he shared from his years of adventuring across the globe.  

Leading up to the speaking event, Rob helped market the event through the local radio station and social media.  He was a pleasure to work with every step of the way!"

Sheree Beddingfield
Minister of A Church

I spent a wonderful evening listening to Rob Dubin’s “9 Insights for an Extraordinary Life”. I have learned that mountaineers and sailors have gained a certain centeredness and life experience that are worth sharing. Rob is both, and his presentation based on his years on the open sea with his wife is full of life lessons that you may have heard before, but presented here in an entertaining and impactful way that help set them in the mind. Heartily recommended!

Truman P. Young

University of California, Davis

Rob's presentation "9 Principles for an extraordinary life" was informative and motivational. His engaging storytelling delivered his lessons taken from his own world wide ranging experiences. Sure to leave participants with renewed motivation to get out and reach for their own best self. I would highly recommend Rob as a speaker for any event or conference.

Mark Wiard

Wiard Web Design

It was such a stirring presentation that we wound up pondering the issues you raised in animated conversation for a couple of hours afterwards. So we appreciate you and, I should mention, other folks there clearly enjoyed it as well. Just wanted to offer a belated thanks!

Blane Colton

Epicurean Honey Co.

Rob and I worked together on several community events and film festivals and he was always energetic and enthusiastic with creative and inspiring ideas. Rob was easy to work with and came to the table with an understanding and inquisitive nature that supported growth and innovation. He was a great asset to our working teams and was well received by audiences with his great stage presence, wisdom, and poise.

Lizzy Bauer

Community Organizer

Gunnison Public Lands Initiative

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